Claiming My Blog Posts and Social Profiles

I made some more changes to my network over the holidays. I'm working to better tie together my blog(s) and my social network profiles using the rel="" property.

The process is a three part process, meant to link the various places I write with my author brand, that is represented in my social network profiles, most importantly Google +.

I write on several blogs and I want the authorship of my work to be linked back to my Google + profile.

I'm very Google centric, so in my network this is the most important profile in my network. This also feeds into my overall SEO strategy which is another story.

I started by created two separate author pages on my two blogs. Kin Lane and API Evangelist.

Then I updated all of my blog posts within those domains to link my author name to those respective about pages, and include the rel='author' link. This attributes each post to me, the author.

Then on those about me pages I listed my social network profiles, most importantly Google +, and included the link rel='me'. This attributes each of these social network profiles as my profile pages.

The final link is on my Google + Profile page I make sure and add link to both my blogs, and include the option "This page is specifically about me", which automatically includes the rel='me' property for each of the links.

All of this completes a circle showing that I am the author of my blog posts, and associating these blog posts with my Google Profile. Google will now recongize that these profile pages and blog posts are associated with my Google Profile.

This all results in improving my author brand in eyes of Google, and since Google dominates the web, the eyes of the Internet.