Github for the Mac

Github just released a new Github client for the Mac. It provides a GUI alternative to the Github command line.

Some features of the new Github for Mac are:
  • Synchronize Branches - The sync button pushes your changes to GitHub and pulls down other's changes in one operation, and notifies you when you have changes you haven't pushed or there are new changes on GitHub you haven't pulled down.
  • Clone Repositories - When you add repositories to GitHub for Mac, it automatically matcesh them up with any organizations you belong to.
  • Simpler Branching - Allows you to try out remote branches, create new local branches and publish branches to share with others.
I like the GUI interface. It makes it easier for me to visualize all of my repositories in a single interface and jump between them. I can regularly make sure all my repositories are synced and up to date.

I still have to manage my certificate using the command line, but the GUI definitely has made me more efficient.