Kin Lane

Edit Google Docs with has announced new integration with the Google Docs Platform. users can now create, edit and collaborate using Google Docs, while logged into their regular account.

This type of interoperability between cloud storage is very import to cloud adoption. I personally use both cloud storage environments, but for very different reasons.

I use for higher quality storage of business documents like my presentation materials, high resolution images, and other documents I'm likely to print. I can print single sheet, bound documents or posters using my

Since I do a lot of my document creation at Google Docs, and store my more completed materials on it is very helpful to have access between the two services.

I can create and collaboration on document creation on Google Docs, then migrate that over to for use in various demos, presentations, and talks. Then I can also generate print materials using the API and Mimeo Connect.

This type of interoperability is a perfect opportunity to use different cloud storage environments based upon your companies usage, what vendors and clients use, or just purely because of your preference.

I will be printing from Google Docs using Google Cloud Print, and just to keep fluent in how to print on demand from both and Google Apps.