Series - 3D Printing - Virtual Warehousing

With the growing number of 3D models used in 3D printing there is a building need for warehouse space to store these virtual products, and parts.

Of course this is virtual warehouse space, but it has a lot of the same characteristics of warehousing for physical products.

Google provides a 3D Warehouse for users of its SketchUp softare, and Shapeways provides a marketplace and warehouse in the form a gallery for its creators.

Cloud Storage will definitely have a role to play in warehousing the growing number of 3D modeling files using platforms like Google Docs,, and Dropbox.

3D Warehouses need to provide search-able, sharable and collaborative spaces that are affordable for designers to store and retrieve their work.

As 3D printing becomes a larger part of the global manufacturing supply chain, virtual warehousing across the globe will also become necessary to provide localized storage solutions.

3D printing offers significant advantages over traditional manufacturing when it comes to warehousing, but it still will be a critical part of the 3D print and manufacturing supply chain.