Series - 3D Printing - Marketplaces

Marketplaces are necessary to showcase and make 3D printing products and parts accessible by the public and other potential customers.

Shapeways and Google SketchUp provide integrated warehousing and marketplaces for 3D designers to showcase their work.

As 3D printing grows, public and private marketplaces will evolve to provide services to showcase 3D products and parts to potential consumers.

Marketplaces will also go beyond showcasing 3D models, and actually act as marketplaces where items can be bid upon, creating virtual economies around 3D manufacturing.

These 3D economies will allow consumers to buy individual or bulk printed versions of 3D models.

3D marketplaces will provide competitive arenas, that creators and designers can find success by offering cheaper, unique and innovative 3D print products.

Marketplaces will represent a re-invented way of buying and selling products that feed an evolving 3D print and manufacturing supply chain.