Reinventing a Dying Print Business Using APIs


As an evangelist for a print API, I often get asked, What are you doing working in a dying industry?

I don't see the print industry as dying, I see it as evolving. I often say that the largest and loudest sectors of print are making a lot of noise, and have trouble adjusting.

I see the Mimeo Connect Cloud Print API as my opportunity help re-invent the print industry.

I pay attention to how APIs transform many different industries, an example of this is the telephone directory business.

I've had discussions with Yellow Pages Group (YPG) from Canda, and I'm monitoring their work to evolve their business from print phone books to local search and location based service provider using their API.

YPG has successfully transformed their dying print based business using the Internet and its community. allows developers to build local search and location based applications using the wealth of data provided by the Yellow Pages Group network of partners.

API developers extend the reach of the network and its partners creating a ecosystem that can constantly innovate and grow.

YPG has provided additional incentive for developers by providing innovative ways for them to monetize their applications in the form of widgets, product placement, group deals, and advertising.

Using the Internet, an innovative API strategy, and a clear monetization vision, the Yellow Pages Group has re-invented themselves from a dying print based company into a successful Web 2.0 company.