Mashup, Annotate Then Print Classroom Materials

APIs are transforming the way we print. I'm always looking for other APIs that compliment the Mimeo Connect Cloud Print API.

I recently addedCrocodoc to our application directory. Crocodoc takes PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations, and allows users to view and mark them up online.

Crocodoc also provides anannotation API, allowing application developers to integrate PDF, Word, and Powerpoint annotation into their applications.

kinlane-productions2kinlane-productions2 At we do a lot of printing of classroom and learning management system materials for educators and trainers around the globe.

This got me thinking about new opportunities for developers to build innovative new applications that can be used by these educators and trainers.

In school, a used textbook can be of high value because of the notes written in the margins, and the highlighting of important parts.

With technology like Crocodoc Annotation API developers can allow educators and trainers to annotate documents from a single or multiple sources, and create enhanced versions of the document for specific classes or training sessions.

Using the Mimeo Connect Cloud Print API developers can allows these educators and trainers to print custom documents for their classes, providing a very unique, and personalized learning experience.