Selling Access to My Google Analytics to the Highest Bidder

I'm an avid reader of Fred Wilsons blog, A VC. He provides a "real" perspective into his world, and thus the world of VCs.

Yesterday he posted a blog post titled, "A Month Of Traffic To A VC".

He shared what a months worth of traffic looks like to his A VC blog.

Now why would he do this?

I think he genuinely wanted to share his thoughts on what contributes to a high traffic day on a blog.

This made me think more about an idea I talked with Audrey Watters about the other day, about users taking control over our web history, social stream, and blog analytics.

I have varying levels of control in these areas:
  • Web History - Google is very nice to share this with me, but it really isn't mine.
  • Social Stream - I generate my stream on Facebook and Twitter. I can pull this via the API and store locally if I wish, but it still isn't mine.
  • Blog Analytics - This is one area I feel I have a lot of control. Google gives me a very robust set of tools to manage, I can download reports and raw data via the API. But ultimately Google still has control.
What if there was a service provider out there that would connect to my social streams and blog analytics, and allow me to open up access to the highest bidder?

I could sell access to my Twitter and Facebook data, andeven allow access to my browsing history.

I would also be willing to share my Google Analytics for and I get a decent amount of traffic to both blogs. I'm sure the information would be of value to someone.

I would share this data, especially if I was able to make money from it. I'm sure my data would only be of value to tech companies, etc. But people who shop online a lot, would probably have data of interest to others users.

A marketplace could be generated setting the value of web history, social stream, and blog traffic based upon volume and the type of data.

Just another one of my rants, but sounds like an interesting startup idea for someone.

Why speculate, get the data straight from the horses mouth.