Google Sketchup and 3D Cloud Printing

I'm doing a lot of researching and thinking about the future of commercial printing, 3D printing, and manufacturing.

Yesterday I was brainstorming on 3D printing and manufacturing with Google.

Tonight I'm learning more about Google SketchUp,which Google added toGoogle Apps in December of 2010.

Google SketchUp allows anyone to build 3D models to the STL file format, a standard for the 3D print industry.

3D printers like Shapeways lets you upload your STL files, print and order them in their physical form..

Google SketchUp provides a free and professional version of the modeling software.

They also provide a 3D Warehouse where you can find a collection of 3D models that are free to use.

There is a community of resources as well as training and education materials to learn about the platform.

Everything is there to build models to be used in 3D printing and manufacturing. The only missing link right now is integration with Google Cloud Print.

Maybe Google will support STL file printing in the Google Cloud Print (GCP) Services Interface soon.

3D printers like Shapeways could register their 3-D printers with GCP like I'm doing with Mimeo Connect Cloud Print API for commercial printing.

Lots of possibilities for 3D printing and manufacturing with Google Sketchup, Google Cloud Print, and 3D printers like Shapeways.