Amazon Web Services Outage Impact

I wrote a post yesterday on the Amazon outage, and half jokingly saidAmazon Should Pull Plug Regularly to Show Which Companies Do Not Have It Together. Of course I don't think Amazon should do this, but I wanted to highlight Clays great post on the topic.

I wanted to take another side of the outage now.

About 6 months ago I responded to a good friends request for advice on "moving to the cloud". His has been an ISP since the early days of the Internet. He was my original hosting provider from 1999 through I think 2008?

Because of requests made from his clients, he felt it was time to start abandoning the hardware and migrate to the cloud.

After 6 long hard months he brought the first of his infrastructure live in the Amazon Cloud last week. He hasn't had time to build out redundancy,scalabilityor the other things that wil make his operations more resilient.

How do I re-assure him about the cloud? He had a really bad day. I feel for him.