Mimeo Cloud Printing

The Mimeo.com and Mimeo Connect Cloud Print API allows anyone to print documents in the clouds and have them delivered to their home or business the next day.

Mimeo.com + Mimeo Connect Cloud Print API = Mimeo Cloud Printing

The key areas of Mimeo Cloud Printing are:
  • PDF Print Files - Providing support for PDF print files from multiple sources including popular cloud storage platforms like Box.net
  • Document Builder - Tools for building common business documents in various format and sizes.
  • Document Ordering - Ordering of existing and dynamically built documents.
Mimeo Cloud Printers can be deployed as stand alone web applications or custom built using code from Mimeo Connect Cloud Print APIkinlane-productions2

Mimeo Cloud Printing enables any web, mobile or desktop applications to offer print on demand for common home or business commercial printing on the Internet.


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