Mimeo Cloud Printing - Document Ordering

Mimeo Cloud Printers support PDF print files stored in the clouds, and the building of print documents with these files.

kinlane-productions2 Mimeo Cloud Printers also enable ordering of any document that is submitted.

When a user prints to a cloud printer, they will receive delivery options for their print order. The Mimeo Cloud Printer returns a list of delivery options including delivery date(s) and shipping costs.

Once a delivery option is chosen, cloud printers return a full quote for the entire order containing all products and the shipping cost.

Mimeo Cloud Printers provide three options for handling payments:
  • Mimeo Account - All printing is billed through a specific Mimeo account.
  • Paypal - Integration with Paypal Basic or Paypal Advanced payments.
  • User Bill - Mimeo will collect billing information and bill print user directly.
Mimeo Cloud Printers enables commercial printing from major cloud storage platforms, building of print documents online, and ordering of documents built in the clouds.

A Mimeo Cloud Printer can be used by any business or developer and extend Mimeo.com services to their customers as a standalone web application or custom integration into an existing application.