Mashape Improves API Security and Language Libraries

Mashape, the API framework and marketplace service provider has recently released some new features and resources for developers.

Additions include new language libraries and plugins:
  • Python - Along with PHP and Ruby, Mashape now provides Python client libraries
  • Objective-C and Java client libraries - You can build Obj-C client to build IPhone/IPad/IPod apps and Android apps using Java
  • CakePHP Plugin - Mashape has created a CakePHP plugin to assist in API deployment with PHP.
Also somesignificantsecurity enhancements:
  • JSONP Tokens for client-side Javascript - Mashape allows theissuingofJSONP Token associated with one or more domains that replaces your API Key, so that nobody can impersonate your user.
  • HTTPS Support - is now under HTTPS, to ensure more secure requests and responses.
Even though Mashape is still in BETA, they are moving fast and providing a wide variety of tools for deploying an API, and standardizing integration for developers.