Android Like Web Notifications Toolbar

I just had a new idea for a startup. I'm in love with everything about technology startups except actually starting another one myself.

So I kind of work the opposite of the rest of Silicon Valley, when I have an idea I just put it out there on the open Internet.

I'm reading Scott's analysis of theWeb Notifications API over at webmonkey.

I like my Google Gmail notifications. I also like the way Android does mobile notifications. So does Fred Wilson.

Somebodyneeds to do a Software as a Service (SaaS) startup dedicated to simplifying webnotifications.

Make it plug and play for other app developers and web site owners to implement web notifications, similar to what Janrain has done for OpenID.

Allow users to get a web notification toolbar at the top of their browser, something like the new Wordpress admin bar, to receive web updates from all their accounts.

It would be in their browser on their laptop, mobile phone, and tablets.

Keep it simple, do one thing well, stay in tune with where each browser is going with their support for the Web Notifications API, and I'm sure someone will invest in you.

Maybe Union Square Ventures? Fred believes "mobile notifications are one of the biggest game changers to come along in our world recently".