Developer Project History in Real-Time

One of my biggest complaints about the concept of a resume is that you only update it when you need a job.

If you only update your job or project history when your looking for a job, its going to go through quite a "fabrication" process.

It won't represent what happened, how you felt, and all the details of the moment won't be there.

I was building a prototype API developer area powered by Elance API today, while designing the developers detail page I listed the last 5 jobs for their Elance Profile.

This made me think about the recent release of Stack Overflows, Careers 2.0 developer resume tool.

Social networks like LinkedIn, and developer tools like Github are quickly become a real-time source of project and job history for developers.

I'm creating a new projects page where I'm going to try and list projects I develop in real-time. I'm going to try and work my project history into my blogging schedule as much as I can.