Google Docs as a Publishing Platform

kinlane-productions2kinlane-productions2 As I'm spending a lot of time with Google Docs lately, I'm getting to see it in a different perspective.

Google Docs has always been a singular document editor for me. When you step back and look at it from 100K foot, you start to see a bigger picture.

I'm seeing the potential of Google Docs as a publishing platform. Google Docs can support publishing in three main areas:

Document Management
  • Mobile - Hand held, cellular access to creating, editing, sharing and publishing documents.
    • Smart Phone (Android, IPhone) - Applications and code libraries for most smart phone platforms.
    • Tablets (IPad) - Applications and code libraries for tablet platforms.
  • Connectors - Other companies provide Google Doc connectors for desktop and mobile platforms.
    • Memeo - Brings Google Docs files to your Desktop, iPad & iPhone
    • Gladinet - Cloud desktop for Google Docs.
  • Web - Superior web-based, cross platform document management application.
  • Language Translation - Language translate during upload and document management in over 50 langugages.
  • Format Conversion - Importing, document conversion, and exporting in multiple mainstream document forms.
  • Sharing / Permissions - Sharing and granular user permissions for viewing and editing documents.
  • Resumable Upload - Resumable upload for files through web interface and API, extending document management over lower quality Internet connections, and supporting large file format uploads.
  • OCR - Optical Character Recognition transforming PDF and Images into text documents.
  • API - Programmatic access to all aspects Google Doc applications, allowing developers to integrate applications with Google Docs.
Document Storage
  • Any Files up to 1GB - Allowing storage of any files up to 1GB in Google Docs.
  • Business Documents - Document, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Drawings - Uploading, creation, and exporting of the four most used types of business documents.
  • Pay as You Go Pricing - Pay for what you use cloud storage pricing model.
  • Cloud Storage - Central personal and business storage on the Internet, and accessible from any Internet computer.
  • Template Marketplace - Central Google Doc template marketplace that can be used as templates for new Google Documents.
Document Publishing
  • Web Publishing - Tools to publish Google Docs and make viewable by the public. Embed and link tools for giving access.
  • Personal Cloud Printing - Printing of Google Docs from any mobile or desktop device to any printer over the Internet.
  • Office Cloud Printing - Printing of Google Docs from any mobile or desktop devices to any business or shared printer.
  • Commercial Cloud Printing - Printing of Google Docs from any mobile or desktop devices to any commercial printer provider over the Internet.
Google is bringing together some very powerful document management tools for developers to take advantage of.

As I'm planning for development of Google Cloud Printers, I am beginning to see much more opportunity for publishing beyond just a way to print, its a full blown publishing platform.