Spending Priorities with the Federal Budget 2012

Most of the time I feel pretty powerless when it comes to politics in our country. As I see it I have two ways to express myself:
  1. Voting
  2. Taxes
Voting always feels like I'm forced to pick the lesser of two evils. Very rarely do I ever have positive feelings about any political candidate.

Paying taxes always feels like I have to give up 30% of my money to be spent on things that aren't important to me.

I wouldn't mind paying taxes, as long as it is spent on things I feel are important.

I'm supposed to voice myopinionon whats important to me by voting in a candidate that has the same priorities as me?

Ok, say a candidate has the same priorities as me? Unlikely. The candidate did, but do they once they get into office? Again unlikely.

I want another way to voice my opinion on government spending priorities. So I am building a tool.

I imported the President's Budget for Fiscal Year 2012 from PDFs (we'll talk abou this later). And created a tool that lets me login and set my priorities regarding the budet.

I'm working on visualization tools, emailing, and social sharing tools next.

I'm looking for BETA users to test and play with and give me feedback.