Cloud Printing and Importance of the Google Docs Template Gallery

As I'm planning and developing around the Google Cloud Print platform I'm starting to see a bigger picture. If Google Docs becomes a central point of storage and printing via cloud printers, its value in the print supply chain becomes extremely valuable.

If your creating, sharing, collaborating, storing and printing documents both personally and commercially using Google Docs, this increases the need for higher quality Google Doc templates.

Google Docs Templates is an assortment of documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawings in various categories such as legal, business and statistics.

Even with the ability to rank Google Doc templates, the directory is a mess of very poor quality randomness that people decided to submit as templates.

As more companies adopt Google Apps as their primary cloud communication and document collaboration platform, and with the growth of it as a cloud printing platform you will see the quality of document templates rise.

Google Docs and Google Docs template gallery will become a vital player in the personal, business and commercial cloud printing world.