Infographic Poster Marketplace [API Ideas]

This is another post in my API Ideas series, I'm posting all my ideas for applications that could be built using the Mimeo Connect Cloud Print API. Infographics are becoming a common way of condensing and visualizing large sets of data in this era of big data. You see Infographics on topics from Holiday Shopping to End of the World Predictions.

One problem with digital media is can seem to hold less value and quickly disappear from the public eye. Printing is a great way to preserve digital media and make it more tangible and possibly more valuable.

In this era of big data one might say the Infographic will represent the time much like Art Deco did in the early 20th century and the Rock n Roll tour art of the 60's.

I proposebuildingan Infographic marketplace, to showcase the Infographics of the time. There are several Infographic sites out there already, such as the These marketplaces should allow users to order prints of Infographics in various sizes, frames and matting.

Another good idea would create a limited edition environment, by coordinating with the authors and produce limited edition, signed versions of the Infographics. This would create the potential for higher value and exclusiveness of certain posters and artists work.

Building a Infographic Poster Marketplace would be pretty straightforward with the Mimeo Connect Cloud Print API, it would just require generating high quality PDF representations of Infographic image files and sending the PDF to the Cloud Print API - Order Service.

I don't think it would be the next Google, but would be a great niche web application for someone with a clear monetization strategy.