Snippely - Code Management

As a programmer I am constantly looking for new ways to manage my code libraries and make myself more efficient.

I need to be able to store small and large snippets of code in about 3-5 different languages. I need to be able to categorize, name them and post code as plain text.

I have migrated from Visual Studio to Adobe Dreamweaver (i know, don't even say it) to Aptana as my primary IDE in the last 10 years. There are plenty more, but those are the main ones that have stuck. Throughout this process I maintain a library of code snippets.

I needed a simple tool that was independent of my IDE to manage my snippets. Snippely meets that requirement. It is a dead simple code snippet management tool.

I'm working on rebuilding my library in there. I will play with the data portability of it. At this point my only request would be storing of my snippets in XML format at Amazon S3. But that is just my bitchy little request.