Google Reader Curation

It is time to curate my Google Reader subscriptions again. I try to keep my daily blog reading as efficient as possible. To do this I change up my Google Reader in three different ways:
  1. Google Reader Social Network - I follow people on Google Reader based upon their profile and how much they will contribute to my daily reading. I manually and programmatically evaluate other Google Reader users to see if they will be in my network.
  2. Subscription Organization - Every 3-4 months I go through all my Google Reader subscriptions and organize them into folders and unsubscribe from irrelevant feeds.
  3. New Feed Discovery - I search for new "source" RSS feeds from blogs of companies in particular research areas.
I needed to do a lot of house cleaning this round and remove subscriptions for Cloud Computing blogs. There has become a lot of spam in this space and a lot of sources have just gone silent. Not much new to say on the subject I guess.

kinlane-productions2 I am searching for API RSS subscriptions, so I went to the ProgrammableWeb API directory and added blogs from API service providers I feel are relevant. I have 65 API source blogs I'm following currently. Here is the API Feed OPML file. I will continue to add new subscriptions (and update OPML file), and curate specific posts from my feeds and share in my API Industry RSS feed.