My Mimeo Marketplace - Creating a Online Print Store

As I said in my last post My Mimeo - Future of Technology and Printing, I am starting my new career as the Mimeo API Evangelst. And before I can even talk about the API I really have to talk about the core products that the API gives you access to.

I talked about You can also launch a marketplace with the documents you've built in your My Mimeo publishing account. You can build bound documents, binders, booklets, flyers, brochures, posters, and then you can publish them to a marketplace for others to buy.

You can make your marketplace public, invite only or completely private. You can also allow other My Mimeo account holders to publish their documents to your marketplace.

Think about it. The ideas are endless. You could build:
  • Photo Gallery - A photo gallery where people can buy different size prints of your photos.
  • Art Gallery - An art gallery where you can sell yours, or other people art online.
  • Poster Shop - You could sell a selection of your custom posters in many different sizes and even have them matted!
  • Greeting Card Store - You could custom make greeting cards and sell them to the public.
The ideas are endless. I've only begun thinking about the different ways that the My Mimeo Marketplace could be used to sell printed products.

I haven't even begun talking about the API yet, I am still talking about different ways to use the core Mimeo Print & Publishing products.