My Brother Wants to Find a Tech Job - Get a Blog

The other day I talked about my brother Michael was looking for a tech job. He's a .NET programmer with a Computer Science degree, and a working currently.

I told him I would give him advice on how to stand okinlane-productions2he is looking for. I took a look at his resume, then put it down and Googled his name. I just didn't see what I was looking to demonstrate that he was active and passionate about the the tech industry. I am writing a series of blog posts giving him advice.

My first recommednation to ANY professional looking to evolve their career is, get a blog. I don't care if you a writer, just do it. My blog is the best tool in my professional development tool box.

I recommend Wordpress because you can either download and install on server or use and they'll host for you.

Either way, get your own domain. Go to and purchase. Try to make it your name, or something relevant to who you are.

Then go to Google Apps and register for the standard version, and setup email, calendaring, and documents for domain.

You are now ready for business. You have your own personal domain, blog and email.

Use your blog for personal development. You are not blogging for other people. You are blogging about projects that are important to you and your development.

Write about everything you do (well almost), keep it professional. Your blog will demonstrate that you are learning in real-time without making hollow claims on your resume. It blog should show a professional, yet human side of you.

Start blogging today.