My Brother Wants to Find a Tech Job

My little brother Michael is looking for a job in the tech industry. He asked if he could send his resume my way. I said sure.

I opened his resume and scanned it as I would any other potential hire. It read:
  • I'm very excited about technology
  • I have computer science degree
  • I worked at my school
  • I worked at Circuit City
  • I work at a small dev shop in my home town.
Then I went to Google like I do for any other potential hire. Googled his name, and nothing....

Nothing that demonstrates the claims in his resume:
"I am very excited about the new technological innovations in the computer science field"
"I strive to expand my knowledge in a wide variety of topics, and I enjoy learning about new innovative technologies."
Now I know my brother and he is a very sharp guy. Good genes. :) I know he applied himself in school and he is extremely detailed oriented.

After the first batch of us siblings, my mom who was a school teacher decided to home school the second batch of kids. I think her statement was, I'm not going to let the public schools fuck these kids up like you guys were!. Thanks mom.

kinlane-productions2 So him and my other 2 sisters were home schooled, after which he immediately attended Southern Oregon University and got his degree.

Its not his fault he doesn't have the experience to identify what he needs to stand out. He's a typical geek and focused on writing good code. I'll see if I can help him a little more.

More blog posts to come, with suggestions of how my brother can find a tech job.

If your looking for a sharp .NET developer, you can download Michael's resume.