500 Startups Launches their Site

Seed funding and startups isn't something I normally write about on my blog. I tend to be more vocal about the technology, than the money.

Through exposure from Audrey and the ReadWriteStart Channel I am paying more attention to this world again. I have plenty of business planning exposure from working at Palo Alto Software, but always felt like I had moved on during that time and didn't really jive with the "business planning" community.

kinlane-productions2 500 Startups launched their new web site today. I'm impressed with Dave McClue's approach to tech start-up financing and the portfolio of tech startups they have:
I am spending more time watching the latest generation of technology startups. Slideshare, Twilio and Rapportive are three I am watching.

I had the pleasure of working with Christine Tsai, one of the 500 Startup team members during her time at Google, we worked on Google I/O together.

I will be watching the existing and new tech startups that 500 Startups invest in.