From Note Taking to Remembering Things

I'm always working to clean up my platform and better use tools already in my toolbox. I have been using Google Notebook for quite a few years now. I have a lot of information in there, good and bad. Google discontinued Notebook quite a while ago, so I stopped using it. I kind of quit taking notes all together.

I have had an Evernote account for a while, but don't fully use it. Audrey's religious use of Evernote has motivated me to use it more. I use the:
  • Evernote Web Application
  • Evernote IPhone Application
  • Evernote Desktop Application
Tonight I finished importing my Google Notebooks into my Evernote account. I am spending some time organizing my notebooks and get back into the groove.

I am permanently turning off my Google Notebook and start using Evernote as a daily part of my platform. I will evolve from note taking to actually remembering things with Evernote.