Approach to Infrastructure Architecture is Different When in the Amazon Cloud

I was just reading Insights from the AWS Cloud Computing for the Enterprise Event in Los Angeles on the Morph blog. They offer some good morsels of cloud wisdom and have a good presentation by Dr. Werner Vogels. What stuck with me were the bullet points about designing infrastructure when using cloud based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):
  • Design for flexibility
  • Design for on-demand
  • Design for automation
  • Decompose into it's simplest form
  • Break transparency
  • Design with security
  • Don't do it alone
  • Continuously innovate
  • Let your customers benefit
When I hear about failed attempts at deploying cloud infrastructure, it generally showcases IT people getting frustrated because they are applying the same principles for architecture design they have been using for years. Many of the same concepts apply, but you have to evolve them to match how the cloud works. You have to flex and change (something IT isn't always the best at).

Flexibility, on-demand, automation and multiple layers of backups are key elements that are always dictating my approach when I'm designing architecture for the cloud.