Multi-Site, Global Load Balancing, and Traffic Management in the Clouds

I was just reviewing the cloud tools offered by Zeus. I was researching Global server Load Balancing (Cloud Balancing) software yesterday and they were on my list. Unfortunately I used an image from their software and neglected to mention them in my post. I just spent the last couple hours reviewing their tools and 3 specific products stand out:
  • Multi-Site Manager - Tools for managing applications that span multiple, geographically distributed, data-centers and cloud providers.
  • Global Load Balancer - DNS solutions for managing traffic on geographic locations and data center performance and availability.
  • Traffic Manager - Manage your application traffic across distributed locations.
These are the products they offer that fall under my "cloud application" label. They also offer firewall, load balancers, and web servers. They have locations in:
  • Cambridge, UK
  • San Mateo, CA US
  • Rome, Italy
Interesting set of products. I'm working through their case studies and white papers to learn more. I just wanted to review their company and core products, and post to my cloud computing service provider wiki.