Smart People Use Firefox, Even Smarter People Use Chrome

I have been monitoring the traffic to several major technology blogs lately. This research is based upon specific domains with specific brand associate with them: I have been evaluating their "popularity" via via several top tech news aggregation sites and social bookmarking tools: As well as traffic and searches at: While evaluating specific tag cloud patterns, specific technology, scientific, and industry topics. I have seen one major pattern.

The mainstream user, uses Internet Explorer, smart people use Firefox, and the real technology leadership uses Google Chrome.

UPDATE: Thanks for the comments on and offline guys. I am doing this research, but this article was actually a test in creation of titles for tech blog posts in the tech industry. I was comparing a series of posts with different titles containing a mix emotional triggers and technology triggers. Its not scientific but generally I proved that tech readers respond better to more tech with a little emotion vs. mostly emotional. It was true, an overwhelmingly large group of tech bloggers are using Firefox and Chrome, but in no way can I extract intelligence based upon this. Thanks for bearing with my slightly stupid post.