Allstate Accident Forgiveness

Its not often I blog about non technical issues and just rant and rave. This is one of those moments. This particular rant is about Allstate, and cutting through the hype.

I've been a loyal Allstate customer for at least 10 years now, unsure of exact date...but around 10 years. I have never had an accident. Never had an auto claim on my insurance.

I was pulling out of the office a month or so ago and tapped a co-workers car. I mean tapped. I was able to push the corner of her plastic bumper dent...just a scuff.

I told her to get me a copy of the bill. It was $1200.00. There are sensors, yada yada in the bumper. Ok.

So I submit to Allstate online to see what they'd say about it. The claims adjuster called me and talked through, I asked him will this affect my insurance rates?

He said Noooo...your a loyal, long time customer. Its only $1200.00.

Ok...well then go ahead and pay it, otherwise I will just pay it out of pocket.

All is fine....then I get my 6 month bill yesterday. Instead of the normal $505.00 / 6 month. Its $987.00.

So I call them and ask real nicely, why did my rates go up? er uh...why did my rates DOUBLE!!
  • You had an accident
  • You no longer have two vehicles on your policy.
  • Standard rate increase.
All 3 were reasons. I said...well I haven't owned two cars since my divorce over 2 years ago. So that is not true.

She said...oh right.

I told her about the claims adjuster who said my rates wouldn't go up. She said oh. Sorry. I said well I can understand a standard rate increase, but when you advertise about accident forgiveness, I am a 10 year no accident customer, and you tell me it won't raise my rates...and it does? She was silent.

That is just dishonest Allstate....I'm now shopping around for car insurance. And spending 1 hour a week telling this story on various blogs, forums, QA sites, and hitting other news sources.