GoGrid Launches 3.0 Version of Cloud Platform

GoGrid just launched a complete overhaul of their systems including web site, platform and training materials. Since they are one of the leading cloud computing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers, its pretty big news:

Overview of GoGrid 3.0 Features
  • Addition of an East Coast Datacenter
  • Addition of GoGrid Node hardware
  • Addition of CPU and Hard Drive allocations
  • Cloud-like Physical Server deployments
  • GoGrid Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • More Actionable & Usable List view of GoGrid virtual & physical appliances and networks
  • New Pre-Paid and volume-licensing pricing plans
  • Robust Partner Ecosystem with the GoGrid Exchange & Partner Server Images (PGSIs)
  • Physical & Virtual Hardware Firewalls
  • Updated GoGrid API
  • Edit Load Balancer API support
  • Custom Server Images (MyGSIs)
  • Dynamically Scalable Cloud Storage
I will get in and play with more, and look for case studies and testimonials of clients who are taking advantage of the new GoGrid 3.0 platform. You can read more about GoGrid 3.0 on their blog.