DARPA Wants to Change the Way We Think About Computing

DARPA wants your help to change the way we approach computing. Everything today depends on computers, and to meet the relentlessly increasing demands for greater performance, higher energy efficiency, ease of programmability, system dependability, and security, revolutionary new research, development, and design will be essential to enable new generations of advanced computing system capabilities and new classes of computer applications.

They are looking for proposals in the following areas:
  • Research on hardware, software and algorithms for reducing and/or managing power requirements for high performance computing systems, including the memory and storage hierarchy
  • Research on hardware, software and language design that enables highly programmable systems, which reduces the need for users to be aware of system complexity, including heterogeneous cores, the memory hierarchy, etc.
  • Research on hardware and software for improving system dependability, managing the component failure rate, and security compromises including approaches for shared information and responsibility among the OS, runtime system, and applications
  • Research on scalable I/O systems, which may include alternatives to file systems
  • Research on self aware system software, including operating system, runtime system, I/O system, system management/administration, resource management and means of exposing resources, and external environments
  • Programming models that allow developers to express their execution goals for achieving security, dependability, power efficiency and high performance
  • Research on low power circuits that can be used across multiple UHPC or ExtremeScale system designs.
It is exciting to think about the pace of technology in the last 30 years and that we could possibly get on a new track that would escalate it or radically change the way we think about computing and the Internet.