Wordpress 3.0 is Available

Wordpress launched their Version 3.0 of the popular blogging and content management platform today. I'm a big fan and user of Wordpress, so I follow their blog.

Some of the features that are notable are:
  • New default theme called Twenty Ten
  • Theme developer API for implementing backgrounds, headers, shortlinks, menus, post types, and taxonomies
  • Multi-site management capability
  • Ability to set the admin user name and password during installation
  • oEmbed support
  • Order link categories by name, not count, on Add New/Edit Link page
And much more, you can view a complete list at Version 3.0 Codex. I am going to install it on a couple of my R&D blogs where I just try out new templates, features, and play around with custom Wordpress development.

I always appreciate the Wordpress updates but feel the magic is really in the developer ecosystem and Wordpress Plugins.