Evaluating Who You Should Build Relationships With

Back when I ran my social media marketing company in 2008 I would help clients understand what blogs were important in their industry, and which blogs they should be working to build a relationship with.

We used all types of tools and metrics for making this decision from Alexa ranking, number of comments on site to just a gut feeling.

I was playing with
Postrank tonight. My girl Audrey uses it at her job with RWW to determine valuable information sources.

I came across their Domain Activity API. The Domain Activity API provides metrics on activity for domains. The information is rolled up to a day level and provides some of the following information:
  • Reddit Votes
  • Trackbacks
  • Delicious Bookmarks
  • Comments
  • Digg Comments
  • Engagement
  • Tweets
These are just a few of the metrics they provide through the API to help you determine the value of various domains that you are looking to pay attnetion to, subscribe to their blog or build a relationship with.

Postrank provides some great tools that helps you monitor trending domains within your industry and the conversation online that you are participating in. Definitely can help you focus your efforts in the crowded social media marketplace.