Adobe AIR 2.0 Released

The Adobe AIR team released Adobe Air 2.0 the other day, you can download the latest version now.

With Adobe AIR 2.0 you can release AIR applications on:
  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
kinlane-productions2kinlane-productions2 They claim the biggest improvement is overall efficiency, and without changing your AIR apps, they will now use less CPU and up to 30% less memory.

Multi-touch and gesture enabled API are a new addition, because more touch enabled hardware are taking advantage of Adobe AIR applications.

They have improved the HTML support with 2.0, and providing support for CSS 3.0 and HTML 5.

They claim the JavaScript engine clocks twice as fast as before. So overall the support for running HTML, CSS, JavaScript applications within Adobe AIR has improved. Make it easy to port over web sites and applications to Adobe AIR is much easier.

I've downloaded and will play with more.