Screen Capture to FTP

I was just test driving the Free Screenshot Sharing Application called SPGrab. I like the idea of seamless sharing after you take a screenshot. They allow you to automatically upload to FTP location of your choice. Putting it in a ftp location you potentially have the ability to automatically share it.

I spend a lot of time uploading screenshots to a Google Doc, Worpdress Blog or orther online tool. Having it automatically available at a public IP address or domain is valuable.

I might be a little different than other users, but I immediately upload all my screenshots to Amazon S3 using my S3Fox tool I like all my images to be server independent and stored in a central location I know isn't going away and I can control access. Amazon S3 gives me this control.

That would be a great feature SPGrab, automatically uploading to the Amazon S3 Bucket of my choice.