Running Your Event in the Cloud - Site Hosting

Hosting a web site for an event or conference can be costly. Traffic to the web site spikes around email campaigns, call for papers, registration opening, before and during the event.

Hosting providers that can handle the volume of traffic around events and conferences can be expensive. The Amazon Cloud is an excellent place to meet the demanding needs of the event.

Amazon Web Services has several services that can be taken advantage of: One of the cornerstones of Cloud Computing is the pay for what you use, utility pricing. This type of pricing and scalability fits well with delivery Internet services around events and conferences.

It is common to double or triple your server, storage and bandwidth during important event milestones. Then once it is done you just need a handful of pages with little or no traffic.

I'm running 20+ events at any time in the clouds, I often scale from 10 server to 20 servers to meet the demand. Amazon Cloud works well.