Google Profile and Dashboard

I am looking around my Google Account Ecosystem and playing. Since the addition of Google Buzz I spend more time looking at my profile page.

My buzzs' come up more in searches so I tend to stumble on my kinlane-productions2ore.

I have used iGoogle as my home page since...I can't remember. Its been years. I have various widgets and tools exposed on my iGoogle.

iGoogle is my home page for quick access to Google Search and a handful of other tools, primarily I use:
  • Gmail
  • Google Reader
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Wave
  • Weather
  • Google Tasks
I have a bunch of other ones, but rarely use them. I really see Google Profile increasingly become a very public profile of myself, and my iGoogle has long been my private personal and business dashboard to the Internet.

Stay tuned as I play with other combination of Google products to see what I can come up with.