Scalable Internet Connectivity

Everyone is talking about cloud computing these days in the tech industry. I just stopped doing some more work on a comprehensive list of cloud computing service providers.

One of the key components of cloud computing is scalable, pay for what you use computing utilities.

When are we going to get cloud internet connectivity. Sure I can buy connectivity in a collocation facility that will give me a burst able T1 which will allow me to go over and I pay overage charges.

I want DSL, T1 and mobile Internet connectivity that scales. I will pay for it. Just let me know when I'm reaching the ceiling of my pricing structure, and if I feel its worth it. Go for it! Scale it up.

I want mobile connectivity that spans multiple broadband providers. I use my AT&T Iphone and Blackberry and choose which service is better (or available). Why can't I have mobile connectivity for my laptop that spans carriers?

It would uses bandwidth from multiple carriers and scales through the roof! I will pay for it, if I feel I need it.

With AT&T ending unlimited data and many other providers looking for ways to cap bandwidth. Why? Create infinite scaling mobile and broadband connectivity, create pricing plans that are reasonable and open up the ceiling and let us go to the clouds.

Seems like providers are worrying about innovating in controlling users and limiting usage rather than innovating around new and improved networks, connection hardware, and other ways that would empower users and increase the number of users that are dependent on the Internet and their services.