Creating "Contaxt"

Using oAuth I've pulled my email from my Gmail Inbox. Then using AuthSub I pulled my Google Contacts. I will replicate what I've done and pull mail and contacts from my Google Apps domain.

I'm putting all this information into a MySQL database on my server and creating a sort of CRM. Then I will build hooks that publish data back to my FREE and Google Apps domain(s).

A few weeks ago I pulled my my information streams from Google Buzz, Google Reader, Twitter, and Read it Later through RSS feeds and APIs.

I've also pulled bookmarks from my Delicious and Google Bookmarks.

My goal is to combine all this information into some sort of platform that gives context or "contaxt" as Audrey puts it to my platform. How do all these contacts, communications, streams and bookmarks work together? How do I merge all this together and extract more meaning?

Hmmm....we'll see as it comes together.