Leaving Facebook

Facebook has long been a thorn in my side when it came to social application development. They just haven't played nice with the other kids on the playground. They cause extra work for us developers, but we have to do it....because that is where your users are. It is very much like Microsoft play in the browser game for the last 10 years.

I gave into Microsofts game for a while, and same with Facebook. However I convert every person I can to Firefox or Chrome...and I don't open IE unless I'm final testing a web site or page for the masses. It will be the same with Facebook from now on.

Facebook's lack of respect for users privacy is a problem, my girlfriend Audrey says it best.

Over privacy, my biggest concern is Facebooks land grab on the Internet. They have refused to come play in the Internet for years, and now they are openly using their market share to try and take over and redefine the Internet. They are a threat to Net Neutrality, the Internet as an open platform, open protocols & standards, and to my career.

I'm in the beginning stages of shutting down my Facebook account. I will not have a true personal account on Facebook, I will only have "fake" personas for exploring and understanding the Facebook Walled Garden.

I'm still understanding all of this, so there is more to come. You can connect with me anytime here, and on my top social networks.
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