Making a Few Changes

Its been a while since I made any changes to my blog. I haven't given my blog much love at all lately.

I could easily blame work and say I don't have time. I do not think that is it.

I just started feeling like I wasn't saying much at all, there was no organization to my approach.

To change things up I would like to:
  • Post regular, short blog posts discovering new and useful technology
  • Develop slightly longer instructional white papers.
Historically the topics of my posts are pretty random and reflect a more real-time social stream than organized blog posts.

The primary objective of my blog is to encourage me to discover and understand emerging technology. I think my new format will help focus my learning into specific areas and specialize more and create real-life uses of the technology I'm evaluating.

I think I will redirect more of my daily rants to my Google Buzz stream and take more time to review any content I'm considering posting on my blog and hopefully change the tone of my blog and of my research and learning.