Oregon State Budget

I was doing my taxes the other day. I thought to myself. Where does all my tax money go.

For quite a while I thought how nice it would be to be able to tell the government how to spend my money. I would like a multiple choice form showing how I want it spent.

Everyone told me it would not happen in my life time. I think it will. We have to start somewhere.

I am seeing transparency occuring in governement at all levels, and seeing social tools used more and more in Government.

I started playing with a tool that would allow me to publish the Oregon State Budget and then dictate how important each expenditure area is to me personally.

I wanted to to tell Oregon how to spend my tax money. We'll see.

I can see this applied to any Federal, State, Country or any entities budget for that matter. I have Oregon's budget published, maybe I will do the Federal government next.

Oregon State Budget: http://oregonbudget.laneworks.net/

It is still a work in progress.