Open Source Image Gallery

I am trying to find to find an appropriate solution for a friend that will allow him to manage a photo collection. Rather than build something from scratch I thought I'd take a look to see whats out there.

I came across Plogger, a great open-source web photo gallery.

It is an excellent example of quality FREE / Open Source software that has a single purpose and lives up to it.

I just quickly downloaded and installed it at a subdomain. I was able to login and manage it quickly, simlilar to Wordpress.

I would like to play with some cloud enhancements to it:
  • Allow easy install on an Amazon EC2 instance as a SaaS tool.
  • Image storage on Amazon S3
  • Flickr Integration
  • Picasa Integration
  • Flash Image Upload
Just some thoughts as I am playing with it. More to come as I learn more about it.