Email in the Amazon Cloud Part 6 - Restored Faith in the Clouds

I strongly believe in the cloud, and more specifically in Amazon's approach to cloud computing. I constantly battle people on my decision to use the cloud for my core IT infrastructure. It allows me to scale my infrastructure as needed and gave a completely new face to my IT strategy and operations.

I can launch new server roles to meet business goals I have from scaling web servers all the way to launching temporary infrastructure to support large email blasts. It definitely introduces some new problems such as security, privacy, backups, etc. All the usual cloud computing concerns.

Many of the concerns are valid, but can be dealt with with properly planning and maintenance (which should be done in or out of cloud). No matter how much evidence I have to backup my claims I still get the flack from naysayers who just haven't taken the time to really understand the cloud.

Just like many of the people who jump on the cloud because its trendy, the other side opposes the cloud for the exact same reasons.

My conviction was starting to wear thin during this 3 week saga with Trend Micro. Everyone faulted the cloud. Even my boss came to me and said tell Amazon if they can't fix we are moving off the cloud. TrendMicro, SAP IT in Germany, and many people on the message boards said just use a "real" infrastructure to send your emails. Get off the cloud.

Amazons decision to give us v reverse DNS on our eIP addresses has restored my conviction and faith in my decision to use the cloud for my IT infrastructure. I don't think the cloud is for everyone. I don't just blindly evangelize the cloud for every situation. However for me it works. It meets my needs and helps us deliver the quality of service our clients are looking for.

Thanks Amazon.

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