Crowdsourcing Database Administration

A while back Google released Fusion Tables allowing you to aggregate data from many data sources. Today they released an API for Google Fusion Tables.

Fusion Tables is a free service for sharing and visualizing data online. It allows you to upload data, share and mark up your data with collaborators, merge data from multiple tables, and create visualizations like charts and maps.

I have worked with many organizations assessing their internal database usage. It is extremely common for different groups and departments to use various local databases and spreadsheets to meet their data storage and sharing needs.

Recently with Google Docs you can work on excel spreadsheets online and collaborate with others. It has turned Google Spreadsheets more into a data stores.

Now with Google Fusion Tables you can aggregate spreadsheets from upload sources or Google Spreadsheets.

You can allow different individuals and groups to own and maintain small or large data sets that are aggregated for different business goals.

The data can then be published and visualized in real-time using Google Maps and Google Visualizations on your web site or other location.