At the mercy of SPAM black lists

SPAM black lists come in very handy for filtering out servers that potentially are sending SPAM. However every once in a while I get a server listed and I get stuck in hell.

Our primary mail server got black listed yesterday at some point, and it happens to be a black list that SAP references. So of course no emails will go to our biggest client.

I requested with Trend Micro MAPS to have us removed yesterday at 5:00 PM.

Here it is 5:00 PM the following day and all I have is a generic case number for the problem. Nobody to talk to. No action.

Many black lists will remove us within one hour of requesting to be off. I understand and respect the value of these services. However when their support and response side of their services fail. They are hurting honest businesses and causing a lot of problems.

C'mon guys. Answer please.