Cloud Infrastructure Version Control

I use Subversion pretty religiously in our development environment. It bothers a lot of developers and other key people because it can be perceived as a bottle-neck. I am always amazed at how many organizations I work with (tech development shops) do not use subversion at all. I feel its mandatory.
I would like to the development of a version control system that works on Amazon EC2 environment and even would work with Amazon Simple DB and Amazon S3. This version control system would work with various AMI (Amazon Machine Images), EBS Volumes and provide you a version control system to plan and track your cloud infrastructure development, deployment and management.

I talked about Cloud Version Control before and how it could alleviate some concerns about security in the cloud and encourage enterprise and government usage of the cloud. I think a cloud based version control system is essential in providing necessary audit and control systems to give the cloud some street credit.

Beyond that I feel it would be a valuable tool in my system administrator or product developer toolbox. It would allow me to manage all aspects of processing, storage, and database infrastructure. Most importantly provide some accountable and versioning to my cloud infrastructure madness.

Again I don't have time to build such a system. If you build an infrastructure as a service(IaaS) version control system for the clouds it would definitely be something that would get used and also be prime for acquisition. Although I think if this was setup as a non-profit and provide an open-source set of tools that cloud community at large could contribute to would be important.

Let me know if you need some help.