Playing with my Google Voice

I was playing with my Google Voice the last couple days. If I got more phone calls I could definitely see it being a bigger part of my life.

Then I started playing with it more. I can get text messages using my Google Voice phone number. Nice.

Then I called my number and left a voice mail for myself. Pretty soon it came in and I saw a "processing" message at the bottom of message.

Pretty soon the voice message showed up as text in my Google Voice inbox. Very cool speech recognition. I don't remember talking very clear or anything and it got what i said word for word.

Then about a couple minutes later I noticed there was an email in my gmail account. About this time I was already there an API for this? So I can get at these messages.

Then there was the good ol email would be very easy to check my designated email account and look for specific keyword like blog, twitter or whatever I want. I would do this programatically of course. I could route these email messages anywhere I wanted.

I then would have my own speech recognition API that I could use as gateway for any of my other systems and services that API's.

Sure there are services out there that will give you a voice mail number and you call it and say keywords and then speech rocognizes then sends to API of your choice. But they cost you money.

This is a layer of your FREE Google Voice service. That you can integrate with other systems. You could route messages to different systems for process, publishing and collaboration. They could be message from you or not.

Interesting stuff.... will evaluate more.