How Are You Using Facebook for Business?

This is from a response to a question I came across on LinkedIn Answers. I thought I should syndicate it here:

There are many different approaches to using Facebook for business that I could go into depending on the industry your in and the audience you looking to engage. These variables heavily influence how you would use Facebook.

At this point I would say the two top uses of Facebook that I encourage ALL business owners to understand are:

1) Facebook Connect 2) Share Using Facebook.

These two tools offer the most value to your business and to your audience. They also embrace a principle that I think is important...that (many) people spend a large amount of time on Facebook, but Facebook is not the place where all activity should occur.

These tools link your web site / blog / application with a users Facebook world in a hopefully simple way that adds value to you and your audience (and even their network).

Facebook connect makes it easy to encourage users to engage and participate on your site or application through linking their account with an account on your site. This will bridge the two worlds and encourage their ongoing participation in your site / business. Isn't that a link we've wanted for a while? Either bringing them back to our site or feeding them information on our product, services, information?

Sharing with Facebook gives another way for users to share information and media they discovered on your site with their network. I share products i see, articles I read, videos I watch, podcast I listen to...and my network sees it all. Its yet another simple yet effective business tool for marketing my products / services and encouraging use participation via the Facebook network.

I could go on about events, groups, applications, streams, pages, advertising and effective network approaches. But I think educating users on sharing using Facebook add connecting with Facebook is important. As well as educating business owners that incorporating Facebook share and connect on all areas of your web site / application is critical to using Facebook for your business.